Centrum Markets allows you to trade commodities quickly and easily and speculate within the global marketplace on soft commodities of daily use, such as wheat, soybeans, sugar, corn and cotton. Soft commodities are generally referred to as commodities that are grown rather than mined. Commodities are traded in two forms, cash and forward, with the main difference between the two being the settlement or delivery dates. Cash settled commodities have a settlement date that is usually in the near future, while forward commodities usually settle further into the future and therefore tend to have wider spreads.

When trading commodity financial derivatives you are not actually buying the commodity itself or taking possession of the goods. Rather, you are executing a contract for the difference in value between your entry and exit price of the commodity. Centrum Markets makes it easy to trade commodities with deep liquidity, straight through processing and low trading commissions.

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When trading commodity financial derivatives at Centrum Markets, the margin requirement is not based on the leverage of your trading account. It is instead calculated according to the following: (Lots) x (Contract Size) x (Opening Price) x (Margin Percentage)

Commodity markets offer various investment opportunities for retail traders worldwide, and assist in portfolio diversification and risk management.

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