Centrum Markets allows access to quick and easy trade of energy financial derivatives, where you can take advantage of small price movements at the click of a button through the Centrum Markets platform. With energy financial derivatives, you can trade energy products at live market rates without any additional fees, complications or restrictions associated with dealing directly on futures exchange markets.

Crude oil is composed of hydrocarbons, organic compounds and trace amounts of metal. Its composition is reflected in its value, and the most important characteristic is its sulfur content, which defines the oil as sweet or sour with heavy to light density. The higher priced crudes are light (lower density) and sweet (low sulfur amounts). Light sweet crude oil is processed by refineries at a lower cost as it requires less energy to produce. Brent crude is a light, sweet oil, ideal for refining diesel and gasoline. It is the major price benchmark for oil purchases around the world, accounting for two thirds of the world’s internationally traded oil because of its low density and sulfur content. Brent crude is traded on the ICE exchange. WTI (West Texas Intermediate) is a heavier crude oil and the benchmark for all oil in the United States. WTI is traded on the NYMEX exchange.

Natural gas is a by-product of decomposed organic matter found near other hydrocarbons like coal and crude oil. Natural gas is a fossil fuel used mainly for domestic consumption, transportation, heat and electricity. Liquefied natural gas is a natural gas that has been liquefied for easy transport and storage. Natural gas is considered the cheapest and cleanest fossil fuel available. Natural gas is traded on the NYMEX exchange.

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When trading energy financial derivatives, you are actually executing a contract for the difference in value between your entry and exit price. It is important to note that Centrum Markets may change margin requirements during periods of extreme weather conditions, political instability or sudden adverse news events. The margin requirement for financial derivatives is not based on the leverage of your trading account, but instead is calculated according to the following: (Lots) x (Contract Size) x (Opening Price) x (Margin Percentage).

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