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Frequently Asked Questions

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Your Trading account equity represents the current value of your trading account and is the sum of your account balance and all floating (unrealized) profits or losses associated with your open positions. Equity = Account Balance +/- Floating Pnl
The swap calculation formula is as follows: Pip value X Number of lots X Swap rate X Number of nights = Swap Value Swap values are provided in pips and are reflected in the contract specifications.
The free margin in your account is calculated by subtracting the margin you have already used to open your positions from the equity on your account. Formula: Free Margin = Equity – Used Margin
Required Margin = Trade Size / Leverage * Account Currency Exchange Rate
The following formula calculates your margin level as a percentage: Margin Level = Equity / Margin Used X 100
The formula for calculating pip values is as follows: 0.0001 or 0.01 X notional value (depending on the currency – 4th decimal for 5-decimal currencies and 2nd for 3 decimal currencies) Example for 1 lot of EUR/USD: 0.0001 X 100,000 (1 lot= 100,000) = A pip value of 10 USD. Please note that the pip value is always denominated in the quote currency.
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