What is Cryptocurrency Trading?

In cryptocurrency trading, there is no third-party participation- transactions occur between peers. This makes the process simpler and keeps the cost of transaction low. Diversify your portfolio and keep your profit margins high by trading in cryptocurrency.

  • No buyer or seller required- trade immediately
  • More decentralized than other markets-less influenced by geopolitical events
  • Speculate in both rising and falling and improve your chances of success
  • Don’t have to deal with exchanges

At Centrum Markets you trade Cryptocurrencies as a Contract for Difference (CFD). CFDs are a derivative product because they enable you to speculate on financial markets such as shares, forex, indices and commodities without having to take ownership of the underlying assets.

Ticker Name Pip value / 1 lot Trading Sessions (Sunday - Friday) Break
Start Trading Close Trading
      Start Trading Close Trading Break
BTCUSD Bitcoin/US Dollar 10 USD 0:00:00 23:59:00 No
LTCUSD Liecoin/US Dollar 10 USD 0:00:00 23:59:00 No
ETHUSD Etherium/US Dollar 10 USD 0:00:00 23:59:00 No
BCHUSD Bitcoin Cash /US Dollar 10 USD 0:00:00 23:59:00 No
DSHUSD Dash /US Dollar 10 USD 0:00:00 23:59:00 No
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